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This is totally for the stuff that has happened to me as a kid.  It is honest to God true.  I swear it!  Some can identify and  some will just be ROTFLTAO.  Anyway, I can’t really remember stuff that happened when I was like in the womb (like my brother Jeremy can) but I do remember random stuff in my life.  So, I guess I will start at the beginning.

I grew up in small town outside of York, PA.  The name of the small town is Wrightsville.  I am completely taken by surprise when people are like, “Yeah, I’ve heard of it”  Maybe they’re lying, I don’t know. My birthday is July 6.  My brother and I were born 18 months apart, so I never knew what it was like not to grow up by myself.  I totally cannot identify with only children!

I grew up in a trailer park.  Yes, a trailer park.  But, that does NOT make me white trailer park trash.  At least I got out of there.  Don’t get me wrong either, there are good people in trailer parks, it’s the other white meat that gives white trailer park trash their name!  Anyway, I had a friend there, Dave.  He was an old guy. And I remember he was really nice.  He smoked a lot.  There was an area behind our trailer that was wooded.  Not a forest per se, but a wooded area.  I remember sheep back there sometimes and other creatures.  Friends of my parent’s lived next door.  Life was good.

When I was about 3, I got mad at my mom.  Not knowing how hard my mom was working (she was going to school for her LPN at the time and working as a CNA at a place some older people will remember called Barley’s).  I think it was like a nursing home or something.  So, anyway, I got mad at her.  I decided to run away.  It had been raining for I don’t know how long.  I got some stuff in bag.  I know, I know, what can a 3-yr old possibly have to get together to run away with?  But, I did. So, here I am, I’m running away and my mom has no idea at all.  I think I was supposed to be taking a nap and here I am running away.  That’s probably why I was running away in the first place!  I was pretty willful.  I guess I’m still pretty willful.  I got stuck in a mud puddle in chilly, rainy weather.  Instead of pulling my shoe out, I left it there!  I went in the woods and walked around for a little while.  Then, I went to see Dave.  He says HEY!  And figures, okay, she always comes over to say hi and that’s all she’s doing.  I’m not saying crap.  So, I sit down and have hot cocoa or something.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my mom wakes up. My brother is sleeping, but, where is Michele?  Not here!  She’s freaking out, of course, like all good moms will.  She searches everywhere and no ME.  She takes my brother and starts looking for me.  And what does she find?  Of course, she finds my shoe, stuck in the mud puddle.  More freaking out!  She’s screaming my name.  I am not anwering for anything.  Remember, I’m still mad!  (heehee) Anyway, she thinks I am at the bottom of this mud-sucking puddle behind our trailer.  I am comfortably ensconced next door with my friend.  He finally hears my mom screaming for me.  And he’s like, “That’s your mom.”  At that point, I was like, “Who cares?  I’m still mad.”  He flags down my mom.  As she’s so fond of telling me, she didn’t know whether to beat my behind or to hug me, needless to say, I remember the hug.  Oh, All’s Well that Ends Well.  (I am an English major after all.)  And I’m still here to blog away.


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  1. Those sheep must have been something, Jeremy talks about them all the time too…

    Comment by Anna — January 21, 2009 @ 4:11 am

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