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January 23, 2009

another day, but no dollar

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I’m back.  Be afraid.  JK.  I wonder how men can find anything without women??!!

My daughter and her drama continues.  She finally got to go back to Jukido after a 2 month hiatus.  Check us out at this URL:

It’s a great progam and my kids have learned a lot from Sensei George Rego.  I encourage any parent or child (cuz he has adult classes, too), to check them out if they live in the Daytona/Palm Coast/ St. Augustine area.  It’s worth it.  He is a GREAT sensei.  Speaking of which, his Jukido Master and Sensei, Shihan Paul Arel, recently passed away on January 2.  He was the founder and Jukido master for over 50 years!  Amazing!  Prayers and help for his family are appreciated.

So, back to Kate’s drama.  Her bookbag broke AGAIN.  This is like the 4th one this year. And we are only halfway through the school year for crying out loud!  Then, she proceeds to tell me that since she went to Jukido last night, she didn’t do her Science vocabulary sentences (which she got an extension for) because she was too excited over going back to Jukido this week.  BS if I ever heard some. I really think that she thinks parents were NEVER kids.  Good God, does she really think I never tried that crap on MY mom?  Right????

So, last night, I know I digress, my son, Austin, says hey mom I forgot to call Michaela (a good friend from school) tonight.  I told her I’d call her.  Ok, this was at 9:30 pm.  So, I’m like, are you crazy? You can’t call her now.  Just see her at school tomorrow.  Then, he tells me that they were going to talk about him going to her house this weekend.  The catch is…can he sleep over!!! I’m like WHAT? Did I hear you right?  WTF?  You are barely 14 years old, I don’t think it’s a great idea.  So, he says, but mom, Jack (her dad) really wants me to show him how I make breakfast on the weekends.  Mind you, he only knows how to make scrambled eggs, cereal, toast, and instant oatmeal.  What can he possibly make other than that?  heehee and LOL.  SO, instead of freaking out, I told him I would talk to his dad about it and he could call her after school with an answer.  Wow, her parents are more liberal than I am.  Guess I am still a little over-protective and want to keep both of my kids out of potentially serious situations.  Call me crazy!


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