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January 21, 2009

today is pretty lame

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Really nothing to look forward to.

I was thinking about something my brother said a little while ago and it made me think of my son, Austin.  Backstory on our conversation?  Nudism-I know, right?  Anyway, my son talks to me a lot.  When he was born, in Germany, my husband was in the field a lot.  I saw him like a total of 18 mos during his 3 year tour there.  So, it was just Austin and me for a long time till the Army retired him.  So, he’s getting hair on his “you know” and there was an ingrown hair or something like that.  More backstory on my oldest–he’s got ADD/HD and OCD.  He’s like, “Moooooooooom!!! Come here!”  Of course, I think he’s dying or bleeding or some such crap–NO!  It’s just him freaking out.  So I’m like what’s wrong?  I turned my back for like a second to close his door to his room so I could find out what was going on and when I turned around, he had already whipped “it” out and was trying to find the tiniest little dot that was bothering him.  Glad he talks to me, but geez louise!  I was like-put it away dude! I don’t have a penis, but I am guessing that it is just an ingrown hair.  But, he wanted me to look at it more closely and tell him for sure.  I went and got his father!

I also remember the time when we were going shopping at Ross in Daytona for the evening about 2 years ago.  My daughter has to go to the bathroom constantly when we are out somewhere-so, needless to say, we know every rest stop and business with a bathroom from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach.  So, my son, who needed clothes badly at that point got some at Ross.  So, some petty jealousy reared its ugly green head and Kate (that’s my daughter) says she needs some, too.  Mind you, we are running out of space for all her crap!  But she still needs more.  So, we told her NO-about a dozen times-maybe more.  We are getting ready to leave and she like, “Gotta go potty!”  So I told her to go.  Not the smartest thing to do, cuz she did when I had my back turned.  Right there!  So she says, “Now, I need some new clothes!”  Mwuhaha…Mom strikes again-she sat in her pee-soaked clothes a half hour til we got home.  That taught her the power of MOM!  LOL

They always do stupid crap like that to me.  Don’t your kids?


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