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January 21, 2009

No toilet paper

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Why do men avoid putting toilet paper back on the thingy that holds it?  I put a new roll on the back of the toilet on purpose so no one will have an excuse.  But, if there are like 4 sheets on there-that is enough for your butt no matter what.  I must do that-oh forget it, I’m the only one who does it, who am I kidding??

I had a headache, laid down, and got rid of it.  I got up, checked my Facebook, and my husband comes walking in.  I get a hard look from him.  I’m like what?  He goes, “I’m freezing!”  So, I thought to myself-self, if that was me, I would have waited until it was warmer to work on the shed, but, no, he’s a martyr.  SO, I was like, it’s your dumb ass that was out there!  LOL


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